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Viscofan, a company with presence in more than 100 countries worldwide, offered a safety driving course for Health and Safety Managers come from different countries in Los Arcos Circuit of Navarra.

Safety driving course: looking for prevention

The 22th of november many of the Viscofan Health and Safety Managers of all around the world joined a safety driven course in Navarra. Managers from China, USA, Germany, Belgium, UK, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Spain, Brazil, Serbia, Costa Rica or Canada, could enjoy a day full of experiences.

The entire course was explained in english, according to tha multicultural audience -in the past, Fundtrafic has organized international courses also with CEMEX-, and took place in Los Arcos Circuit, in Navarra, lasting all day. The participants proved by themshelves safety extrem driving techniques, and they were made to consider some facts that interact with accidentes:

  • Speed
  • Alcohol and drugs consumption
  • Driving distractions
  • Lack of driving formation

safety driven course- viscofan

Working with Fundtrafic

Fundtrafic developes health, safety and prevention programs in partnership with all kind of companies:

  • Accident-prevention programs: our value is to include the victims stories and their advices in all our courses. 
  • Social events: we organise all kind of social events for companies, and bring together our social experience with the bussines corporate social responsability policy.   
  • Childhood programs: taking care of the future generations is one of the best ways to improve society. The strongest values are build at early ages, that’s why we take our programs to the youngest public.
  • Caretrafic: when a traumatic event happen all the environment may be damage, not only the victim but also his family, coworkers, friends…In these moments is when we provide support and guidance to the companies to make sure all they can recover. 
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